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Tony Robbins: Develop a Personal Philosophy (Tony Robbins Change Your Life)

Tony Robbins: Develop a Personal Philosophy (Tony Robbins Change Your Life)

Let’s start with the basics. Philosophy is defined as:

The most basic beliefs, concepts, and attitudes of an individual or group.

My focus is on personal philosophy, and the essential philosophical elements are centered on beliefs, concepts or ideas, and attitudes. Simply asked, what is your approach to living your life?

Putting your approach into philosophical terms may seem unnecessary, too elementary, or just an academic exercise. Yet, I believe it is an indispensable way to make better choices and lead a more inspired life.

To define your personal philosophy, answer six key questions:

  1. What do you get up each and every morning wanting to do?
  2. What directs your actions and decisions, especially the impulsive ones?
  3. What gives you a sense of satisfaction at the end of the day?
  4. What feeling is in the core of your soul that you know to be self-evident? Sounds constitutional, and maybe that is good.
  5. Why are your beliefs important to you?
  6. How does your philosophy measure up to higher standards or ideals?

Thinking through these questions, I believe, will enable you to define your personal philosophy.

Don’t make it complex. Keep it simple (plain statements). Make it memorable.

Most importantly, live it each day. Our lives are filled with a constant stream of choices, so let’s make the best ones possible.

Join the conversation. What helps you define your life philosophy?

Hi, I'm Chad!

I'm a strength coach, adventurer, and mentor. I live in Arizona and I have over 20 years of experience in training professional golfers.

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