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Mike Wicklund

Age: 51 • Trained at Silverleaf

I trained with Chad for 14 months at Silverleaf. He taught me quite a bit about my lack of mobility which helped my back pain. Then worked on golf stability and strengthening the core and glutes.

If you have any issues with your body you should go see Chad. He looks at the body as a whole system to include sleep, stress and big on nutrition. Initially he will develop a specific program around your weaknesses to help balance out your body because golf is a unilateral sport.

John Largay

Scottsdale - DC Ranch

Chad Nelson has been my fitness trainer for the last 7 years. I think he’s one of the most knowledgeable in the business. He has been a great resource and instrumental in my effort to maintain my level of fitness, mobility for golf and other outdoor adventures.

Dick Williams

Age: 71 • Trained at Silverleaf

Improved Mobility / Improved Strength / Specific motions for Stretching, Strength and Enhanced Movement — specific to Golf.

In the first week Chad made an assessment of my strengths and weaknesses regarding my areas that needed increased mobility and strength. What I liked is he quickly starting working on areas where I needed increased mobility. Chad is knowledgeable and patient. He focused on specific movements that worked my muscles and body for improved mobility – specifically to help my golf fitness. His focus on my needs rather than a general overall workout for conditioning is very much appreciated.

We are using slow progressive steps to improve mobility then beginning to work on strength training. Improvements do take time. Investing in your overall health is extremely important as we get older. At my age over half my time needs to be on improved mobility. Especially for golf movements and fitness.

See Chad for:

  • Mobility Improvement and Golf Fitness.
  • Overall Strength training specific to your Needs
  • Very Knowledgable on Key Exercises that are Correct for Mobility and Strength
  • Conditioning for improved overall Health and Mobility.
  • Pushes you to Use the absolute Correct Techniques for Best Results
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