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Great question… Everyone wants to drive the ball over 300 yds. First… do you work with a swing coach to see if your swing is solid. Do you have consistent club head speed? Your coach can look at our factors as well.

Second… look at your body… are you strong? How well do you move… meaning mobility? Golf is a game of power so we need to either increase your speed or strength to gain more power. In the gym, I can give you a few tests to see how you stack up.

Click here to watch a great video from TPI that will help explain it more.

Put yourself in pressure situations, learn to focus, be in moment, read countless books but nothing beats pressure to make key shots.

The ability to use your body to move and produce a higher intensity over longer durations.

If you look at my book recommendations you’ll find Practical Paleo is a good place to start. Reduce processed foods, learn basic skills in the kitchen (if you’re a guy, girls will like you more), lean proteins, plant based carbs and healthy fats.

The million dollar question… it all starts with self-image. Click here to learn more about altering your self-image.

Your new motto: Discipline equals Freedom… You are what you eat!

You have to seek out a coach to keep you accountable in aspects of exercise, eating and recovering.

I refer clients to learn from one of my mentors Paul Chek about the last 4 doctors you’ll ever need… click here for more information. You can watch all 4 videos or you can buy this ebook also.

Another great question… the best exercises are the ones you need the most. If you have problems with balance, stability, mobility, strength or power you need to get a progression and follow it.

One of the best for golfers is the Get-up. It gives you everything I mentioned above besides power. 

You’re most likely doing something wrong. Second, you need to get evaluated to see what is going on. Most the time back pain will be an issue with the four horseman muscles: rectus fermoris, psoas, iliacas, and quadratus lumborum (QL).

When the muscles on the front of your body are tight they will tilt the pelvis putting stress on your back. 

Click here for a few more ideas.

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