Chad Nelson

“One simple exercise works my backside, arms, abs, and legs”

“I have been training with Chad for over three months now and the change in my body is tremendous. I am 43 years old and had not been exercising with any frequency for well over two years since serious surgery. When I began with Chad I explained a limitation I had with my right shoulder and he has been able to create workouts around that shoulder which have allowed me to strengthen that muscle and eliminate the limitation. Getting definition back in my arms was a goal that I had and Chad helped me get there with ease. You can now see muscle definition and it makes me feel so much better about myself. Having my female co-workers notice the improvement isn’t a bad thing either.”

“While training with Chad I have learned so much. He takes the time with each exercise to explain to me what it works, why it works, and how important it is to have proper form when doing the exercise. We have been working mainly on core exercises and I had no idea how those affect so many areas of the body. One simple exercise works my backside, arms, abs, and legs. It is amazing! Chad also takes the time to instruct me on how I can do these same exercises at home with stuff I have in or around the house. That has been a huge benefit because I don’t care about waiting for equipment at the gym.”

“Finally, Chad makes me feel very at ease when I am working out with him. I am a very self-conscious person about my body (as most women are) and to get into workout clothes and stand in front of someone is a hard thing for me to do. From day one I felt so comfortable with him and I could tell that he genuinely wanted to help me reach my goals. He does not scream or yell, he simply encourages me. Don’t get me wrong, he does not allow me to wimp out on anything; he just tells me positive things to make me want to push harder. I honestly look forward to our workouts each week.”

“Thank you, Chad!”

Bridget Halpin

Phoenix, AZ

Chad Nelson

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