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An Introduction To Nutrition

You are what you eat

Religion is a culture of faith; science is a culture of doubt. 

— Richard Feynman

First, let me say… when I was a young dude I didn’t focus on what I ate much. My mom always made good solid meals for us growing up. We always had to finish our plate before we could leave the table and we all ate as a family.

Diet and nutrition are so poorly understood by science, so emotionally loaded, and so muddled by lousy information and lazy thinking. 

Only 40,000 diet books on Amazon… I’m half way there… not… yikes!  


Let me keep this super simple for you. You are what you eat… period!

If you put diesel fuel in a car designed for gasoline and expect to run at peak performance…. then you need to rethink how you’re eating.

If you eat or drink to much sugar, processed foods or industrial seed oils… you’ll gain weight over time… its a fact!


If you want to change the way you look… it all starts in your mind first to make the paradigm shift to take action. It’s easy to just talk about it. 

Then focus on what you buy in the store (cut out fast food to a minimum). Do you cook then maybe you can learn how to cook one or two meals a week.

It’s easy to be lazy. Let me say that again… it’s easy to do and easy not to do… as with working out. You may start to feel better overall with cooking your own meals. 

Be Healthier

let’s it break down

Ok… let’s break down what you eat and what you need to eat to be healthier.

Make a list of the foods you like to eat… such as the list below: 

Once you do this it is easy to rotate your food choices. I remember in college, eating canned tuna and chicken or even chicken every day but not ideal for an optimizing your lifestyle.

Click here for books to read on nutrition.

Nutrition Advice


Q: What do you eat for breakfast and how much protein are you eating?

A: What do you like?

Again… it’s easy to have healthy pancakes, eggs, and bacon but it’s also good to switch it up with veggies and 2 or 3 eggs, olive oil, and avocado.

Read “Hole in One Golf Nutrition” by Robert Yang here. Cereal is Toxic.

Nutrition Advice


A nice hearty salad with lots of greens, veggies, and protein is a good choice. When I say protein your serving size should be the palm of your hand.  

Again at each meal… How much protein is on your plate

If you cook… get some glass containers to eat some of your dinners from the night before.

If you can keep your carbs lower it will help unless you just kicked your butt in the gym then it’s a good time to eat a few more healthy carbs for recovery.

Tip: I eat more carbs on the Weekends and on Wednesdays… this is called carb cycling. 

Nutrition Advice


Your food rotation starts at night so if you do have leftovers you can have it for breakfast or lunch.

Remember to keep it simple… pick a protein, few carbs and good healthy fats.

Oh yeah… watch your portion control. 

Nutrition Advice

Cheat Meal

How often do you eat too many carbs or a bowl of ice cream or cake, etc? 

If you seriously need to lose weight or have a health concern you’ll have to look for other healthier desserts. It’s inevitable you will cheat… based on pure emotion or mood.

Remember when you bombard your body with toxic foods it creates an inflammatory response. It’s tough to lose weight or stay healthy in a state of inflammation.

I hope this helps… if not, shoot me a question.

Keep Learning

Get Better Everyday

Water Rule

Drink half your body weight in ounces everyday.

What if you forget to drink water? Hmm?

Imagine if you lose your tournament on 17 and 18 because your body was not properly hydrated and it affected your mental focus. I’m sure you can think of many reasons it’s important to drink water.

Dairy Products

If you eat or drink milk products… I would encourage you to quit for up to two-four weeks and then reintroduce it back into the diet and see how you feel. If you begin to study what effects dairy has on our bodies you’ll consider never drinking much or any dairy again.

Minimizing Toxicity in Your Diet

3 Foods to Avoid from The Paleo Cure*

Gluten (grains aren’t superfoods)

Can damage gut lining, toxins that bind essential minerals, making them unavailable to the body, inhibit digestion and absorption of essentials nutrients, including proteins.*

Industrial seed oils (anything but heart healthy)

Are made from sees of plants such as corn, soybean, cotton, sunflower, and safflower.* 

Refined sugar (in a word, toxic)

At the simplest level, a toxin is something capable of causing disease or damaging tissue when it enters the body.* 

The 4 White Devils

You need to know which foods create the most toxic overload in the body, making us feel lethargic and depressed, leading to weight gain and tired. 

Paul Chek from the C.H.E.K institute highlights “The 4 White Devils” (listed below) as being some of the most problematic foods.

They also happen to be the ones you are likely to be consuming the most, right!

These are non foods meaning they take more energy out of the body to process than the nutrition they provide!

Many of them also cause inflammation which can result in digestive, joint, muscular, energy and mood issues.

On the Course Nutrition Ideas

If possible good gluten-free bread or wrap – almond butter/honey or crushed walnuts/bananas. 

I get little travel-size bags from Trader Joe’s – Omega 3 Blend, rotation walnuts, almonds, macadamia, and cashews.

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