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Chad Nelson

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Meet Chad

Strength Coach, Adventurer, Mentor

Before coming to Arizona I finished my internship at South Denver Cardiology then shortly after worked at CO Athletic Club – Inverness and volunteered at University of Denver Strength & Conditioning. I really learned a lot working with so many different athletes. 

After working in Cardiology, I had opportunity to come to Arizona in September 2003, I figured why not check out the Doctors Fitness Center on 24th St and Camelback Rd. 

Now fast forward 20-years living in the valley… I’ve learned lot. I have worked every golfer from juniors to PGA pros since 2008.  Then throw in the savvy moms and dads, corporate crusaders or seniors who still want to be badass! 

My biggest driver more so now is teaching high profile clients how to optimize their life around exercise, nutrition, sleep and mental health. It plays such a huge role in life-span plus health-span. 

If you want to know more… keep browsing on my website or let’s have a conversation.  


Salida, CO

Currently Living:

Phoenix, AZ


University of Northern CO
Exercise Physiology BS


Golf, Mountain Biking, Hiking, Mountaineering, Archery and many other activities.

I found a passion for golf fitness in 2008 and began to study and meet others including Damon Shelton, Peter Kostis, John Kostis, Paul Trittler, and other coaches.

I received my certifications from Titleist Performance Institute, Levels 1 / 2 and CHEK Golf Biomechanics, FMS Functional Movement Systems.

I’ve been very fortunate to meet others to give me referrals to train and work with top junior golfers and PGA touring professionals. 

My goal is to teach all golfers who come to my website one thing they did NOT know. 

I guarantee you’ll learn something on this website from myself, other experts, and top golf professionals.

In closing...

I have worked with hundreds of personal training clients and performing thousands of training sessions, I know at any age, with any background and at any current state of fitness, together with my team around me we can assist you to achieve your goals.


It’s simply a matter of doing the right things consistently, learning to believe in yourself and understanding your real potential. People so often fail, plateau or never even get off the ground with their goals because they focus on the wrong concepts.

It is about creating new positive habits for a permanent change. Like learning to really listen to your body, working-out smarter, building a solid meal plan and finally it’s about being disciplined enough to put in the hard work to achieve your results.

I look forward to meeting you soon,

Chad Nelson B.S FMS
Titleist Performance Institute Certified
CHEK Golf Biomechanic

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