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Kyle Kittleson

High Profile Training Client

“Hey! My name is Kyle and Chad has been my trainer for the last two years. I actually just finished a workout with him. I went from somebody who didn’t like working out and who had worked with a lot of trainers, to somebody who has come to look forward to these workout sessions. And this is the first time in my life that I have felt good about where I am physically.

It has been such an amazing transformation for me personally working with Chad. And I’m not an easy case. I already was somebody who didn’t really want to be here in the first place and also somebody who was dealing with Crohn’s disease. Chad was really helpful in not only getting me in the gym, not wasting any time at the gym, but also working on my diet and getting me healthier.

So I look better, I feel better and I’m absolutely healthier. It is because of Chad that I have reached this point physically. If you’re thinking about working with Chad, it is a no-brainer. He has tools, he has answers. And the really great thing is he’s going to make it work for you.” 

What people are saying

I will let my clients do the talking

“My CHAD Experience”

"I have to say Chad is very knowledgeable about so many things. I have lost 19 pounds and am getting more buff all the time (thanks Chad)....

“Whole Life Experience”

"I have been working twice a week with Chad for 3 years and I can tell everyone that it has made a huge difference in my physical...

“One simple exercise works my backside, arms, abs, and legs”

"I have been training with Chad for over three months now and the change in my body is tremendous. I am 43 years old and had not...

“Heart of Gold!”

"Chad ROCKS!!! I've known him for over 7 years and he has it going on!! He is driven, motivating, passionate, and truly cares about your success! He...

“Great Workouts!”

"Small classes allow one-on-one attention. I could really really myself getting stronger over the course of 4-weeks. The workouts are challenging every time. It's worth it."


“I lost 40-lbs”

"It's been 12 months since I began working with Chad and not only have I lost 40 lbs., I am more flexible than ever and I live...

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