Chad Nelson

Chad Nelson

Optimizing Your Life

Optimizing Your Life



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Develop the Athlete first, then the Golfer.

As a strength and conditioning professional, it is my job to identify what are your strengths, weakness, imbalances in order to develop a specific plan to keep you playing on a high level.

My job is to create an athlete or to make you a better athlete.

I have a series of assessments before integrating into a strength and conditioning program.

Our first goal is to determine how you move by implementing the Level 1 Titleist Performance Institute screen.

If you are not moving efficiently, we do what we can to fix it or we refer to a medical professional.

After assessing your movement, then we look at glute activation and strength. Doesn’t matter how strong the glutes are if the brain isn’t communicating with them. Then, it’s on to core sequencing and strength.

This meshes well with the TPI philosophy of making sure the kings (glutes) and queen (core) are functioning properly.

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