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Daniel Koernke: Introduction and How to Use Aspire Golf Performance

Our mission is to help young golfers with potential figure out exactly what it takes to get to the highest levels in the game. Every young golfer dreams of playing in golf major championships. Unfortunately for most young golfers, only a select few will have the drive, determination, talent, work ethic, support, and luck required to get there. We hope to make that path to the top a little clearer for those young golfers ready to put in the work.

About Me

My name is Dan Koernke. I’ve been a complete golf addict for the past 20 years. I played high school golf and Division I golf for Davidson College. I’ve competed in many local, state, and national amateur golf tournaments over that time and had success and heartbreak at every level. During my golf career, I’ve worked with many top golf instructors and read most of the great golf books. Still to this day, I’m always looking for ways to improve my own game and love sharing that passion with any of my friends that play the game.

About Aspire Golf Performance

Chad Nelson and I have been friends for many years and he’s been one of the first people I speak with about anything related to physical fitness and peak performance. In turn, he has looked to me as he has worked to improve his own golf game. We have often traded workout sessions for golf lessons over the years and have been able to help each other get better. When Chad first approached me about the idea for Aspire Golf Performance, I got excited. It was something I wanted to be involved in from that first conversation.

After some back and forth about what I could do to help the new website, it became clear to both of us that my experiences with the game of golf were perfect learning opportunities for any young golfer looking to take their game to the next level. Not that I have carved out some perfect path for a young, talented golfer to follow. It might be exactly the opposite. I had every advantage and opportunity to take my game to the professional level and didn’t make it happen for a variety of reasons.

We started talking about a series of blogs and videos that would dive into exactly what could be learned from my successes in the game of golf and, more importantly, from my failures. I had success in junior golf, high school, college, and national amateur golf. I’ve also had many failures. Some due to my mistakes, some due to injuries, and some due to factors beyond my control. Throughout it all, my love of the game has continued to grow. I enjoy playing golf more today than ever before and my love of golf is something that I share with everyone I can.

What to Expect from the Aspire Golf Performance Blog?

To start, Chad and I will be creating weekly blogs that dive into the lessons about the game of golf that we’ve learned over the years. My blogs will generally be short and focused on one particular lesson at a time from my years of competitive golf experience. I’ll certainly try to keep them light-hearted and generally poke fun at my own shortcomings in the game. Our goal is to tell stories that help anyone with some simple ways to improve, but we really want to find a way to share lessons that will allow a young golfer with big dreams to chart out a specific course to take their game to the next level.

I’ll be covering topics ranging from practice routines to the mental game to creating a schedule and plan for playing your best in the biggest events.

Admittedly, I’m still out there experimenting with ways to play my best golf and I’ll be sharing some of the specific things I work on to this day to get better or play better when the pressure is on. I’ll even be creating blogs and videos that respond to specific questions from our readers. This project and website will evolve as we get feedback on how we can help specific readers and viewers. Chad will be offering regular tips, tricks, and strategies to keep your body and mind sharp and I’ll be working to share as much as I can about getting the most out of your golf game and simple ways to always get better. We hope to create a solid path for anyone that wants to get better at the game of golf.

Chad will be posting regular blogs about how to improve your strength training, flexibility, and overall health. He will be sharing exercise routines and strategies to get the most out of your mind and body. Chad is an expert in all things fitness and physique. He works with a range of clients, from beginners in the game to PGA tour pros, on creating and maintaining better physical fitness. He will include ideas for getting more out of your daily workout and ways to keep yourself on the right track every day. There are so many simple ways to prepare your body for the toll that playing golf can take on it.

Our combined efforts will be designed to give you a path to playing better golf. Whether you are just starting or you are looking to make the jump to the next stage in your golf development, we’ll be able to share regular tips, tricks, stories, routines, and ideas to help improve your golf game and physical fitness. We understand that it can be hard to find time to fit in another workout or range session so our blogs and videos will be designed to give you specific things to work on and think about in short blocks of time each day.

Let’s go!!! Feel aspired to play our absolute best golf possible together.

Hi, I'm Chad!

I'm a strength coach, adventurer, and mentor. I live in Arizona and I have over 20 years of experience in training professional golfers.

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