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Knowledge is power if it can be applied to your life, take action and re-learn again and again.

Repetition or deliberate practice is a skill golfers know very well. It’s NO different with your MIND.

How many hours in a day do you practice?​ How many hours in a day do you work on your mind?

As you’ll see below, you may have read some of these books already but the key question is “How many times have you read them”?

In High School and College, we are taught to memorize information then take a test.

After school… learning begins because we do not have the pressure of taking a test but, more important how can you apply what you’re reading to your life!

For example: In the book “Think and Grow Rich” you could read Chapter 8 on Persistence 50 times. The goal is to master chapters with books not just merely read it in an hour and never read it again.

You’ll be surprised when you pick up a book one-year later and have a few AH-HA moments.

Today… audio books are huge. I use an app called Audible. I subscribed for 6 months and built up credits. It’s great because you can listen while you drive.

Brian Tracy author of over seventy books says… the amount of time you drive in your car over a whole year could possibly equal one college semester. I always recommend its a good idea to balance your personal development and music.

My Top Picks

I also like podcasts…. a few I like are The Tim Ferriss Show, Tony Robbins and Oprah. If you have a question, click here.

You can click on the books and buy them on Amazon.

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