5 Reasons Why You Should Train with Me…

Screen Shot 2014-09-27 at 1.02.17 PMHey Chad here…

I am a leader and an example to inspire others to do more and be
more than YOU believe possible.

Top 5 Reasons Why YOU Should Train with Me…

#1 Value: I do not compete on price.  My clients are loyal because
of who I am and what I am able to do for them. I have different levels

of commitment to fit your budget.

#2  Service: You’re hear my clients say…  “He actually cares!”  The FMS and TPI screens
give me a snapshot of what your body is currently doing. If you think you’re working out the
right way… come see me.

“Are You Putting Fitness on Dysfunction?”

#3  Specialization: I’m a golf nut so I wanted to learn more about golf so Golf Performance
became my niché.  Amazing its been 8 years already on this journey studying golf and 15
in the industry.

#4 Getting Your Body to Move:  As we age… we get stiff.  All of my clients learn how to perform
15-30 minutes of daily maintenance on themselves.  Can you move well? Do you have good mobility? Do you have a system movement based approach.

#5  Personal Development: What is your living philosophy?

“You’re living philosophy is a system of ideas, beliefs and the principles you use to engage reality and the nature of your life in general.”   – Paul Chek  

My philosophy: Be present as much as possible, Become better everyday, Make a positive difference in others around me.

It’s all about a lifestyle with awareness and understanding.   I challenge your mind to become
better than you BELIEVE possible.

What have I done professionally?

I have had the pleasure of working with over two hundred personal training clients and
performing over four-thousand of training sessions; I know at any age, with any background and
at any current state of fitness…

…you can get the look, energy level and overall health you’re looking to achieve.


Come to Method Athlete and I’ll walk you through the FMS Movement Screen
if you’re committed to making a change.

If you’re a golfer who wants to decrease low back pain, get 10 more yards off the tee,
correct swing faults and finally lower your handicap to get your body in proper condition.
I’ll put you through the Titleist Performance Institute Assessment.

If you find the time we spend together an investment and we both agree to work together
we’ll sit down to discuss future training sessions.


Please call me at 602-316-0305.

I’ll look forward to meeting you,

John Handcock



Chad Nelson, BS, FMS
Holistic Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach
Titleist Performance Institute Certified
CHEK Golf Biomechanic