There Is Nothing More Pitiful

My mentor Jim Rohn emphasized that one of the first things everyone should work on is their physical health.

He said, “How terrible would it be if the mind said, let’s go conquer the world and the body said, I can’t even get out of bed?

It takes your healthy body to carry around your head full of ideas and your heart’s desires.

There is nothing more pitiful than a ready and willing mind but an incapable body.

There is a well-known quote from the philosopher Virgil that says, “The greatest wealth is health.” I also believe that health is the beginning of wealth. In other words, your health will help you create wealth.

So I encourage you to take your physical fitness seriously. If not for the sheer benefit of having you live longer, look younger and feel better, then because it will attract more and higher quality people into your life.

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