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Need Help with your Core Muscles?

These are some random questions to consider…

Possible food allergy or sensitivity could be a reason.
Possible digestive issues going on. The most common are: wheat, wheat gluten and dairy.

Eliminating these foods will reduce inflammation which will correct the mind- body function.

Did you have surgery such as a C-section?

Do you have low-back pain?

Here is one thing you can do for best PCNS activation.

PCNS stands for Pelvic-Core Neuromuscular System

This is very different from the conscious pelvic-floor contraction know as the Kegel.

Ninety-nine percent of everyday function is subconscious. The PCNS must be trained to turn on automatically so that it supports the core and allows for optimal biomechanical health.

What you have to do is exhale upon exertion.

For additional strengthening, add a Pelvic core Pro exercise tool, a small round “sponge” ball or a Pilates ring.

Mini Squat With Cross-Punch

  • Stand with feet neutral (shoulder width apart, feet facing forward).
  • Perform mini squat and roll knees inward.
  • Cross-punch in the air (alternate arms) at various levels (up, down, to the side, to the back, diagonally, etc)
  • Perform with toes turned inward and with toes turned outward.
  • Repeat whole series with knees rolled outward.

In addition to the Pelvicore, there are other tools available to help you successfully train and stimulate the PCNS. Here is a partial list of products:

The CoreStick

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Chad Nelson

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