Nutrition is a Huge Topic

Over the years, I have read many books and attended live presentations of mentors and
guru’s around the US.

I have found you need a lot of discipline to change your habits or you do not!

I usually coach people to eat practical paleo… because its simple to understand.

Let PFF be your BFF lol!!   PFF = Protein, Fat and Fiber is always a great rule to follow.

Most people eat way to many processed refined carbohydrates, which cause weight gain over months and years.

Read the “Obesity Code” by Dr Jason Fung for more information on why sugar is making us fat.
Of course right!!  Reduce sugar/processed foods… decreases high insulin response to help regulate blood sugar levels.  Reading that book could save your life, if you are a diabetic.

What types of food do you buy?  Where do you shop?  Do you buy stuff because someone else likes it?

Nutrition is huge… it’s the main thing that deserves 95% of the attention to achieve the results you desire.

We all know what we don’t know or if you do know nutrition then let me ask you… How is it working for you?

Are you at your goal weight!

Let me be a coach in your corner if nutrition is an issue.

Where do you go shopping? 

I usually go to Trader Joe’s, Sprouts and Whole Foods to get more meats and unique items.

If you want me to shop with you let me know.

What are your thoughts about supplements?  

This is huge topic in itself.

It all depends how you want to train.

The Top 3 I recommend to my clients.

#1 Fish Oil – Nordic Naturals.   Yes… you can take less if you eat lots of fish, just as salmon.
#2 Green Drink – Green’s First, Athletic Greens
#3 Protein shake – Ascent protein, Garden of Life, Bulletproof Collagen – Chocolate, Whey Cool – Designs of Health

This is a good start.  It can get complex quick.

You see I use to work at Vitamin World in college and I was a salesperson selling cheap pills and other things.   I always wondered if I was helping people?   I mean can they really feel or know a difference in all these supplements.

It’s all about educating yourself what to take and why your taking it.   I have many friends who help me and help my clients.

NOTE: In Scottsdale, I refer people to my nutritionists, Heather Wilcott, Casey Einhorn or Jason Sani.