“One person caring about another represents life’s greatest value”
– Jim Rohn

Let the truth be told…


Golfer and Business Owner Screen Shot 2018-06-15 at 7.06.46 PM

I have working was Chad now for two and half years now.  I really wanted to switch it up and do something different.  Initially, I had to wrap my head around working on my mobility and stability. I was training to much like a body builder rather than learning how to move more efficiently.

I’d recommend him to anyone looking for a change.  We are given one body to live in so you might as well treat it with the right respect.

Find your own discipline!!

Chad Patton, Scottsdale AZ
Owner of Stream Logistics


Training for the Spartan Sprint 2017 

I started training with Chad soon after my previous trainer moved away.  He had the experience in Spartan Races and other races so he became an obvious choice.

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Kathryn Battock
Arizona Attorney
Boy Mom x2
Goal Digger

“My CHAD Experience”

I have to say Chad is very knowledgeable about so many things.  I have lost 19 pounds and getting buffer all the time (thanks Chad). I love our workouts and hate missing even one for holiday’s or vacations.


Chad is so tuned in to my needs, ability and always manages to give me challenges that I love! I must say, I am never bored as he knows endless stretches, moves, exercises, and training techniques. He obviously spent a lot of time studying and learning all this and is not afraid to share it. Chad you are amazing, thank you for all your time and efforts and yes Chad we are not done yet.

The Best to you Always,

Rose Horton, Phoenix, AZ


“I lost 40-lbs”

“It’s been 12 months since I began working with Chad and not only have I lost 40 lbs., I am more flexible than ever and I live an all around healthier lifestyle.  When I first met Chad weighed in at 204 lbs. and could barely touch past my knees.  With Chad’s training and guidance, I dropped the 40 lbs. increased my flexibility in a healthy, methodical way.  There are no gimmicky diets or routines, just an easy to follow nutritional and exercise plan.  I knew it was a plan I could live with for not only my weight loss phase, but for the rest of my life.

The physical and nutritional changes have translated to more energy at work and at home.  I am more focused all day and still have plenty of gas left in the tank to hang out with my family at night.  My sleep cycle has also improved.  I find that I can fall asleep quicker and sleep deeper than I have in years.  My training sessions are great stress relievers.

The team at Method Athlete has been great as well.  All the trainers are friendly and helpful.  I also attend a Saturday boot camp class with trainer Mark Norton that has been a tremendous help.  Whether you are training for a specific sport, from golf to triathlons, or just the sport of day to day life, Chad and Method Athlete will help you achieve your goals.

I can’t wait to see the results after the next 12 months, thanks Chad!”

Brad Passell
Scottsdale, AZ


“One simple exercise works my backside, arms, abs and legs”

I have been training with Chad for over three months now and the change in my body is tremendous. I am 43 years old and had not been exercising with any frequency for well over two years since serious surgery.  When I began with Chad I explained a limitation I had with my right shoulder and he has been able to create workouts around that shoulder which have allowed me to strengthen that muscle and eliminate the limitation. Getting definition back in my arms was a goal that I had and Chad helped me get there with ease. You can now see muscle definition and it makes me feel so much better about myself. Having my female co-workers notice the improvement isn’t a bad thing either.

While training with Chad I have learned so much. He takes the time with each exercise to explain to me what it works, why it works and how important it is to have proper form when doing the exercise. We have been working mainly on core exercises and I had no idea how those affect so many areas of the body. One simple exercise works my backside, arms, abs and legs. It is amazing! Chad also takes the time to instruct me on how I can do these same exercises at home with stuff I have in or around the house. That has been a huge benefit because I don’t care for waiting for equipment at the gym.

Finally, Chad makes me feel very at ease when I am working out with him. I am a very self-conscious person about my body (as most women are) and to get into workout clothes and stand in front of someone is a hard thing for me to do. From day one I felt so comfortable with him and I could tell that he genuinely wanted to help me reach my goals. He does not scream or yell he simply encourages me. Don’t get me wrong, he does not allow me to wimp out on anything; he just tells me positive things to make me want to push harder. I honestly look forward to our workouts each week.

Thank you Chad!

Bridget Halpin
Phoenix, AZ


“Frozen Shoulder”

My daughter, Lindsay, and I have been training with Chad for 3 years.  It has been a wonderful experience for both of us.  For myself, Chad not only has been my personal trainer but my physical therapist too.  Last year I developed a frozen shoulder and with Chad’s knowledge and training in physical therapy he worked with my shoulder during our training sessions. He also gave me extensive exercises to do at home which were targeted specifically for my shoulder.  After several months of training and therapy I am happy to say my shoulder is back to normal.  If it weren’t for Chad I wouldn’t be able to use my shoulder.

Along with weight and strength training Chad knows the physiology of the body and how it works along with the training for each individual.  He works with his clients on a personal level to get the best and healthiest results to meet their needs.

Lindsay and I work out with Chad every Wednesday night. Its always intense but fun; we leave the gym feeling good about what we accomplished that night.  We’ve learned a lot from Chad, and we’re still learning something new all the time. Thank you!!

Joan Pierce (aka Mama J)
Phoenix, AZ

“Lost 30 lbs and more…”

My Mom and I met Chad 3 years ago after training with 7 different trainers over a 4 month period. We did not realize it but we were not really seeing results until Chad whipped us into shape. We now drive 30 minutes at least once a week to train with Chad. He is a wonderful trainer. Chad continues to motivate me to stay constant with my work outs and healthy eating habits. He is very knowledgeable in nutrition and the science of the body. In the first year of working out with Chad I lost 30 pounds and continue to loose weight and inches.
Chad’s positive attitude and outlook on life keeps me going. Our training sessions last about an hour, in which we work on stretching and strength training. He always has something new up his sleeve. One day we might spend the whole time outside using very little exercise equipment but still have the best work out ever.The next time we train, we might be inside working with some weights but also
alot of strength training without equipment. We have learned that you don’t have to use anything but your own body weight to have an awesome workout.
My Mom and I always leave feeling great and proud of what we have done for the night. Training with Chad has given me more confidence than I ever thought I could have!

Lindsay Muggeo
Cave Creek, AZ

“Superstar Realtor”

“I have known Chad for over five years. We became friends at a local gym and I must say I was very drawn to his positive energy. His outlook on life is always positive and I admired the way he strived to be a better person inside and out.  I have watched Chad with his clients and he is

both very knowledgeable and caring. Because Chad has the right attitude and a very healthy perspective on life, I know he will be successful in his endeavors, but more importantly he will make a difference in someone’s life like he did in mine.”

Realtor, Keller Williams Integrity First

Back in Shape…

“Chad Nelson was integral in helping me get back to the athletic conditioning that I had back in college. Working a desk-job for the past decade has had its impact by lowering my energy, decreasing my BMI and adding unwanted weight. Chad acted as my personal trainer as well as providing nutritional guidance for the duration of 2007. Chad has an excellent knowledge of how to get a total body workout with little to no available exercise equipment. Under his tutelage, I saw my energy go up, my weight drop 10-pounds and most importantly, my body fat percentage dropped from 15% to under 8%. Many of the training tips and suggestions he provided, I still can use today.”

Dave Bagchi
Scottsdale AZ

FINALLY… I met a Trainer!!

“Before I met Chad, I had gone through five personal trainers in six months. Before quitting, they all had done mediocre training and wouldn’t even keep appointments. Meanwhile, I felt absolutely lousy. I was packing on the pounds despite working out regularly, and my general well being was going downhill fast.

When Chad came into the picture, my train-wrecked health started to get back on track!

Chad personalized my training sessions to meet my specific needs. Thanks to him, I working toward improving my thoroughly out-of-whack hormone levels and started to lose weight. I began to eat properly and consistently had more energy.

As a result of my sessions with Chad, I have kept off 20-pound weight loss, healthy energy, loss of inches to my waist, improved diet, better core functionality, and a positive attitude!

Two years after meeting him, I remain his training client and an advocate of his workouts and personalized sessions!

Ramona Rahkola
Vemma Brand Partner
Paradise Valley


Financial Planner – Getting in Wedding Shape…

“I began working with Chad prior to my wedding and on a mission to get in shape.  Being a an avid participant in weightlifting and exercise, I was skeptical to using a trainer but knowing I was seeing decreasing results from my workouts and time to the wedding was wasting away, I sought out Chad from a recommendation from a business partner.  From the start Chad identified my biggest issue… which was that my workouts had plateaued about 3 years ago.  He quickly adapted my workouts with him and I started feeling muscles I didn’t even know I had.  He was able to push me to achieve my goals for the big day.  Chad has the education and experience to answer any of my questions on exercise and fitness. I recommend Chad to anyone looking for a “real personal trainer.”

Chad Wing