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Men and Women Showers

It seems more and more of today’s individuals are working harder to become stronger and healthier. These individuals are constantly working to improve their activities by increasing
their flexibility, strength, endurance, and power.  A tremendous amount of athletes and
individuals are performing workouts even though they are inefficient in their fundamental movements; without knowing it, these individuals are putting fitness on dysfunction.

The Functional Movement Screen and Corrective Exercise System attempts to pinpoint these weak links. This process takes nearly 30 minutes to eliminate the guess work of where you personally need to start your training program. When this is accomplished, the individual or athlete will have greater movement efficiency, which will lead to improved performance and a decrease in injury potential.

Notice we have NO machines… if you currently use machines come see me so I can smack you… joking!   You’re doing your body NO good.

I can guarantee you’ll learn something new and how your body can move better.

I’ll see ya soon,

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