Meet Chad

All About A Connection…

My story starts in Salida, CO (near the center of the state in the mountains it’s very pretty country. If you’ve never been to CO you should go!).

Ever since, I was in high school I considered myself a teacher because I wanted to help
others learn to be better than they currently are today physically, mentally and emotionally!


My Amazing Mom!

My Mom growing up told me to be a school teacher, but I was way to cool and besides teachers do not make very much money.

You can see where my head was at the time.

One of my mentors Jim Rohn said, “Do not look at what you get; but focus more on who you are becoming in the process”

I attended college at the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley (one hour north of Denver)

I started out studying computer science and switched to business management then
eventually ended up finding out my passion with learning how the human body works, so through sweat and tears I strived to get a degree in Exercise Physiology.

After college, I interned at South Denver Cardiology doing stress testing and cardiac rehab. I kept busy volunteering at Denver University as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist assisting in mens hockey, girls’ basketball, swimming, and girls’ soccer.

I ventured  back into personal training and started working at Colorado Athletic Club in Englewood, CO. I really liked the club, enjoyed building relationships with people and was on my way to getting established to learn as much as possible from other trainers.

My future looked bright and was on the right track until I received a call from an internship I applied for in Phoenix.

Choices and Decisions.  We have all been there…

I had to make a decision to move down to Phoenix to work at the Doctors Fitness Center. I thought long and hard and decided sure…why not be adventurous!

I moved to Phoenix September 16, 2003. What a trip!

I definitely had to consider the heat…I thought I would never live here for more than a year. Boy was I wrong! 10 years later here I am!

My life in AZ begins with a culture shock!

I had to go out and build a clientele to start making money, it took me about 6 months before I really started getting some clients. It sure is a process of growth learning how to market, advertise and brand yourself!

I worked at the Doctors Fitness Center for two and a half years and finally I needed another change. I met really cool people, Maureen Barkley, David Hastings, Dan O’Brien 94′ Olympian, Dr. Joe Kasper, Dr Ben, Dr Foster among many others.

I took my knowledge and skills to a new arena LA Fitness in Paradise Valley! It was a great place to meet new people, so I began training ten-then-twenty people a day (half hour sessions) it was crazy, I was working my tail off.

I started really honing my craft at LA Fitness and positioned myself as a leader.

During these times it’s like you can not see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I began to get burned out when I was doing 200+ sessions in two weeks. I sure learned a lot about different people, understanding injuries in greater detail and way to many conversations to write about here…

In the final days, which mounted to two years, I trained over 4,200+ sessions.

I was killing myself trying to make ends meet, it was time for change!

What about Golf…?

I began looking for niche markets and I chose golf because it is an amazing sport, very challenging and addicting. It’s a total mind game!

I searched for a mentor and my friend Dawn told me about Paul Chek.

I was impressed and went to California for six days to become a Certified Golf Biomechanic. I am continuing my education through TPI (Titleist Performance Institute in Oceanside, CA).

I returned to Phoenix ready to take action. I again researched and searched for a new place where I could find a mentor in golf biomechanics.

Who trains at Method Athlete all types of people with different goals juniors to top PGA pros here in Scottsdale, such as Paul Casey, Matt Jones and Steve Allan.

My primary focus is on golf performance and semi-private training.

My Background…

From working with over one hundred personal training clients and performing thousands of training sessions, I know: at any age, with any background and at any current state of fitness, you can get the look, energy level and overall health that you dream about.


It’s simply a matter of doing the right things consistently, learning to believe in yourself and understanding your real potential. People so often fail, plateau or never even get off the ground with their fitness and fat-loss goals because they focus on the wrong things.

It’s not about beating yourself up mentally, starving yourself or working-out to exhaustion and burn-out. Not about yo-yo dieting, resolutions that last for two weeks or over-hyped supplements.

And, it’s definitely not about starting another one-size-fits-all routine from a fitness magazine. All of this will likely leave you doubting yourself, unaware of your body’s amazing potential for transformation.

It is about creating new positive habits for a permanent change. Like learning to really listen to your body and working-out smarter. It’s about using the most effective fitness techniques for burning more calories and creating the maximum change possible.

Change can be a challenge but together we can make it happen!

I look forward to meeting you soon,

Chad Nelson B.S FMS
Titleist Performance Institute Certified
CHEK Golf Biomechanic