You are probably aware that most people feel better and lose body fat when they cut gluten from their diet.

What you might not realise is that all grains are problematic for most people…not just the classic gluten containing grains.

Why is this?

Partly it’s because there is a lot of confusion over which grains contain gluten and which ones do not.

Many “gluten free” people continue to eat oats and quinoa because they have been told these two are gluten free.

There are two major problems with this logic. The first problem is that most people feel better, have more energy and less body fat, when they eliminate ALL grains INCLUDING oats and quinoa.

We have seen many clients over the years who were unable to get rid of their symptoms (and body fat) until they cut oats and quinoa from their diet. This is partly because oats and quinoa do contain a form of gliadin which does cause significant health problem in many people.

Gliadin is the relevant offending sub fraction of gluten.

When someone says “I’m gluten intolerant” it’s more accurate to say “I’m gliadin intolerant”. The second problem is that all grains – even rice and corn, which are truly gluten/gliadin free – are simply delivery vehicles for huge amounts of carbohydrate.

Most people do not do anything like enough exercise to burn off the carbohydrates that they get from their daily grain consumption. Unless you are doing at least 60mins of HARD exercise every day, you should cut ALL grains from your diet and get your carbohydrates from vegetables.


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