Paul Casey

“I completed a 12-session workout plan with Chad looking to improve my swing speed/distance and performance in tournament play. My swing speed increased an average of 3 mph from 110 to 113.
With a variety of workouts and nutrition tips, Chad helped me to achieve averaging drives over 300
yards consistently, almost without fail.”
– Conner Nam, Junior Amateur



Definition: a person who seeks out the skills to teach golfers how to efficiently swing a club and it is
based on what they can physically do; decrease chronic injuries with proper stability, mobility, strength and power!

I perform a comprehensive golf functional movement screen on the body. This information is compared against the optimal biomechanics necessary to achieve the swing positions taught by
the top PGA golf pros. This information drives the corrective exercise program I createto restore the proper mechanics to the body.

The program is a unique golf-conditioning program focused on the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of golf.


To All Golf Athletes,

Yes,we can train your body to out-drive and out last all your golfing buddies – but it will take commitment and consistency from you.

  • Increased flexibility/mobility – to create more shoulder & hip rotation
  • Increased stability – to create more body awareness & control
  • Increased strength – to produce more power
  • Increased distance – with more strength + speed
  • Increased endurance – to delay body breakdown & fatigue

Method Athlete is Scottsdale’s Premier Golf Performance Studio (located right next to Hot Stix Golf in the Airpark)


If you… sway, slide, loose posture, early extend, come over the top or lose balance?

Have you tried to correct these swing flaws without success?

It could be your body keeping you from a better golf swing.

Learn how easy it is to change your swing, with results you will notice the very first class!


In the golfing world, technology is not lowering scores. Statistics show that unlike other sports, golf scores have not improved in the past 30 years. I can help you not only improve your score, but vastly improve the way you feel while playing the game you love.

1939 Masters score – 279
2004 Masters score – 279

1974 Players score – 272
2005 Players score – 279

1973 British Open score – 276
2005 British Open score – 275

1990 amateurs handicap – 16.2
2005 amateurs handicap – 16.2


Stop wasting your money on $500 drivers, $1,000 irons and exotic golf gadgets that promise you the world. It’s not the clubs that play the game, it’s you…the golfer. Invest in yourself by improving your body.


I remove the negative before working on improving your golf game.  Your program is based around functional movement and corrective exercise . Then once you have proven yourself adding strength and power will be even better. All programs are based on a comprehensive physical examination as well as nutrition and lifestyle factors. I work closely with the golf pro to create the best swing possible by working on the mechanics of the body.


  • TPI and FMS – Functional Movement Screen
  • Posture Analysis
  • Flexibility Assessment
  • Balance Testing
  • Strength Measurement
  • Core Strength Testing
  • Nutrition and Lifestyle Analysis


Amateur golfers achieve 90% of their peak muscle activity when hitting long shots. The average golfer will do this 40 times in a round of 18. This level of intensity is comparable to martial arts, hockey and football.

– 63% of novice golfers reported to suffer from back pain
– 30% of professional golfers are playing while injured
– 60% of those who were injured during golf still report being troubled by their injuries


  • Increase stamina
  • Better chance of getting out of the rough
  • Less chance of missing shots due to fatigue
  • Reduces chance of injury
  • Longer drives
  • Less fatigue between games

I see my role as a fitness professional as someone who is trying to make your life easier for you as a golfer.

Are you going to be able to go from a 10 handicap to a five just by coming to see me and working out? No.

But a solid fitness regimen will improve your balance, improve your posture and will lower your risk for nagging injuries allowing you to increase your time practicing and playing. That in turn will make you a better golfer.


Contact me today at 602-316-0305 to ask questions or make an appointment to take your game to the next level.