Golf Fitness: C-Posture

In the medical field it actually has a name: Upper Crossed Syndrome.

If you sit at a desk eight hours a day or more… hunched over your computer or slouched while watching TV you may have C Posture.

Dr. Vladmir Janda noticed the same pattern of muscle imbalances on so many people that he came up with the name.

What does it mean to me… the golfer?

The most significant joint restriction seen in the C-Posture is the lack of thoracic spine extension or (limited backward bend or arching of the upper back).

Lack of T-Spine extension can lead to severe loss of spinal rotation, which in turn will limit the ability to create a good backswing turn. Reduce Power aka… “distances”

Do you know Anatomy?  If so…

Short Muscle oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooWeak
Upper Trapezius & Levator Scapula  —————————> Lower & Mid Trapezius
Suboccipitals & Sternocleidomastoid (neck muscles)  ——–> Deep Neck Flexors
Pectoralis Major & Minor —————————————-> Serratus Anterior

How do you fix it or What is the solution?

#1 You can call me and schedule an assessment

#2 We work on strengthening and stretching routines.  Key Point: C-Posture reduces potential in our golf swings but also in life.  As you get older your muscles become even weaker.  Its important to take action now to avoid problems later in life.


Neutral Posture

Other causes
1.    Lack of proper instruction; not understanding correct setup
2.    Lack of pelvic tilt; causing the upper body to bend while addressing the ball
3.    Clubs that are too short
4.    Standing to far away from the ball
5.    Grip that is too much in the fingers of both hands

Contact Me Today and lets see what is going on with your swing.

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