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4 Keys to Your Energy

Be Excellent at Anything: The Four Keys to Transforming the Way We Work and Live
by Tony Schwartz

Physical Energy

The top priority for physical energy is sleeping at least seven hour per night. “Sleep is more important at the physical level than anything that you can do. It’s more important than food.

Suggests taking a renewal break from 1pm to 3pm for a nap, workout, walk, mediation or even listening to music.

Exercise is a natural antidepressant which enhances physical energy.

Eating habits play a major role.  I recommend eating every 3 hours. This includes a breakfast of about 300-400 calories, conservative portions at other meals.

Emotional Energy

Anytime you’re not feeling optimistic, engaged, upbeat, focused, enthused and committed, you’re performing at a sub-optimal level. Negative emotions – fear, frustration, anger, exhaustion or sadness, for example – quickly deplete energy.

Mental Energy

Multitasking Myth or task switching¬†becomes difficult because it requires working memory, a brain resource that’s extremely limited a report from Psychology Today -2010. Every time you switch to the other task, it’s hard to hold that first task in memory so it’s there when you come back. If it’s not there, you lose your train of thought.

Email is a tremendous distraction, saps energy that could be applied to more meaningful work.

The top tip is knowing what your top priority is for the day.

Spiritual Energy

You feel that what you’re doing matters by how you interact with other people in your workplace. You can feel it because you are committed to a level of excellence.

The goal of his book is to raise awareness so people understand how their bodies and brains work, and so they don’t misuse them and end up getting less when they thought they were getting more.

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