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Breaking Through Limitations

I am a big fan of Tony Robbins, if you’re not have you ever read one of his books or heard him speak live or even on YouTube?

Your missing out…talk about taking action!

I was reading a section of an amazing magazine Success!! He is on the front cover..if you have this issue awesome!

He states¬† none of the success he enjoys would ever have happened if he hadn’t been able to find a way to break through his own limitations. He had to get clear about what he really wanted and harness the fuel of human emotion to force himself to consistently take action to make his dreams a reality.

“I’m obessed with finding what makes the difference in the quality of people’s lives”, Robbins says, “I’m always reading, interviewing extraordinary individuals, studying their patterns and experimenting on how to integrate what I’ve learned to make a difference in people’s lives.

I now ask YOU are you stuck in the mud? 

If you are… you must explode out of the mud and break through your limitations!!

If 2008 was down and out then 2009 is a great place to start… not 2010!!

Post a comment and make a difference for someone else’s life!!

Choose to make it a great day!!