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Functional Golf Warmup

Hello Avid Golfers,

This post is from SunRidge Canyon Golf Club – 3 Hour Workshop

Q:  If you have 15 minutes before your tee time what do you do?

A: Always remember your body plays the game; not your clubs.   I see a lot of young golfers grab their driver first and hit a terrible shot.  In order to hit bombs off the tee it requires a simple strategy…  to play in life or in golf,  you need to move better.

It all starts with flexibility and mobility.

To prevent injuries, we need a tool to make the invisible visible. We need to bring clients and athletes into the gym to assess their movement patterns before the catastrophe occurs… an ACL tear, herniated disk, or torn rotator cuff.

In addition, we need a model that allows us to identify the problem.

The Titliest Performance Institute (TPI) mini screen helped identify a few limitations or imbalances in your body.

Ultimately if you want to feel better or move better you’ll need a program or a starting point.

Enjoy these videos.

Part 1

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Part 2

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If you have questions let me know.

Chad Nelson, BS
Golf Performance Specialist
Method Athlete

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