Are You Eating High Glycemic Foods..?

Do you have trouble with your diet?
Do you find it hard to eat the right snacks?

Knowing this simple little list may help you shake off a few pounds.

The consumption of high-glycemic foods spikes insulin and reduces glucagon thus preventing the burning of body fat. Try to stay away from high-glycemic foods and stick to lower glycemic choices (click here for list) that will produce less insulin.

Insulin stimulates your 30 billion fat cell receptors and deposits carbohydrates energy directly into their interiors, making you fatter and fatter. There is no other way to store fat. Every time you eat a meal, your blood sugar rises. Your goal is to consume the foods (low-glycemic, which will cause the least amount of insulin production.

Any high-glycemic foods should only be consumed in minimum quantities and combined with dietary proteins and fats in a meal. The only exception is a high-glycemic drink or food after exercise. But remember, even to much of the low-glycemic goods can make you fat.

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